Working with artists

Artist Kate Owens working with three young participants in a creative workshop alongside Generation ART: New Walk Museum and Art Gallery
Artist Kate Owens Running Young Persons Workshop, Leicester

Working with artists on Generation ART was invaluable. We chose artists that shared the same values to develop workshops that explored the authorship of children’s artwork.

This created a new dimension to the exhibition for our visitors and participants; the artists brought fresh ideas and creative and imaginative ways of working.

Lisa Jacques, Learning Officer, Arts and Museums, Leicester

Generation ART has included a wide range of artist commissions and artist-led public programmes aiming to involve children and families in many different ways.

Explore the Generation ART case studies to find out more about the wide range of approaches to commissioning and artist-led public programmes we have explored.

  • Untitled Play manifesto in cut cardboard

    Untitled Play: Hannah Pillai and Gina Mollett

    Young artists Hannah Pillai and Gina Mollett on the importance of a supportive gallery context and their own participatory research project

  • Little boy with 'Cloud Collecting' installation

    Lisa Traxler

    Lisa Traxler’s commission with Quay Arts responded to the online conversations through social media around Generation ART as it travelled towards the Isle of Wight.

  • Leandro Stafford commission in action, Turner

    Leandro Stafford

    Turner Contemporary’s aspiration was to use Generation ART as the catalyst for a new commission giving young people a voice and presence in a high profile way at Turner Contemporary.