School Workshop (Yr 5 Students)

The next group of students Linn had in the lab were 9 – 10 years old. When they arrived they were all very chatty and excited to be on the trip. Looking around the exhibition the children had loads of opinions and questions about the art work. When the children were introduced to the lab they were very excited to get started. At first, they seemed almost hesitant about making mess or using the unusual props Linn had brought in to print/paint with.  But as the day went on they were experimenting with every single item in the room.

Jess, aged 10, said “I like the animal/head picture; you could really tell they used their mind.”

Teacher of students, said “Children are so use to being told not to make a mess in class; it’s great to see them come out of their shells and watch them make what they want. They can’t do any wrong in here, whatever they do is right.”

The students were a lot keener to write down their thoughts as well as speak them – Linn asked them to write down anything inspiring or anything they have learnt from the workshop and here are some of the things they wrote down:

“Nothing is bad”    “Art rules!”    “Believe in yourself”  “Never say no”   

“Impossible is not a word but possible is”   “Nobody’s work is awful”  

 “The most important rule of art is have fun”  

 “Any idea is great because it could lead to something new”  

 “Don’t be strangers to here” “Don’t think negative”