School Workshop (Yr 12 Students)

The last workshop Linn held was with Year 12 students (16 – 17 years), unfortunately I didn’t make this workshop however this is what Linn had to say about the workshop:

“It was a really productive session and we had a feedback session after.  They loved the opportunity to try dry point and use the etching press – as they do not have this facility at school.  It was a demo session with processes which they then shared with each other and one student wanted specific technique for his work as a way of making background – mono print, so he was really happy to be able to use this at school.  It was noted that the experience was one they really benefited from and a long workshop session where they could experiment and play, adapt, take risks, make mistakes and record through notes, peer share, use their phones for their sketch books was really valuable.  The feedback about my delivery and group > individual facilitation was appreciated and the fact I gave many print process options and talked through adaptive techniques and some examples of my work.”