School Workshop (Yr 10 Students)

Artist Linn O’Carroll created a lab (Green room, Quay Arts) so students could explore some of these techniques through skill sharing and experimentation. In the lab Linn ran printmaking workshops for Island schools to participate in. The workshops were inspired by the ‘Surfboard’ in the GenART exhibition.

The first group of students Linn worked with were 14 – 15 years old. When looking around the exhibition, the students were very quiet and seemed to be quite shy. When they started the workshop and started creating/experimenting they became very vocal with what they were doing and seemed to come out of their shell. At one point, the room was almost silent as all the students were so focused on their piece of work. Linn had left postit notes around the room for them to write down their thoughts, ideas, feedback etc. However, the students seemed more comfortable and found it easier to talk in conversation than writing down what they thought.

Chloe, aged 14, said “My favourite piece in the exhibition was the bubble work, It’s so cool and I want to know how they done it!”

Gemma, aged 15, said “It’s fun coming out of school and doing things like this. We would never be able to do this in a classroom.”