Lisa Traxler: Cloud Collecting Exhibition

Cloud Collecting was a commissioned installation by Lisa Traxler, the artwork was created in response to the GenArt exhibition, shown in The Curve Gallery.

Lisa Traxler’s installation of printed paper and stitched thread, connected within The Curve Gallery by restraints of thread is informed by the text and language following social media about GenArt.

Lisa Traxler – “The pure joy and pride the young artists project in their work is articulated within streams of Facebook and Twitter ‘posts’. These contemplations, responses and themes have been collected and then, in an aleatory literary technique, dissected and further re-created into the seamed-together paper ‘thought clouds’. Visitors are invited to add their own deconstructed words to the ‘interactive poetry wall’ in the gallery.”

The exhibition also included an interactive activity, where visitors could cut and stick their own thought clouds. This was very popular and the wall ended up filled with thought clouds.

Normally, the Curve Gallery is where schools/groups hold an exhibition in response to an exhibition by a professional artist in the West Gallery. So the concept of having Lisa Traxler, a known Island artist, responding to children’s artwork was very different and interesting!

Photos taken by Jane Moorhouse.