Launch Feedback – 15/01

“Space at Soft Touch sets work off well. It’s a more contemporary setting than New Walk with a bigger space for work.”

“Gives a great opportunity for children.”


“Some works you can tell have been made by children but for the majority it’s hard to differentiate between adult exhibitions.”

“There’s interesting stories in the projects behind the artworks.”

“Great space for exhibiting. It has a very contemporary feel with nice, high ceilings.”

“An interesting and eclectic group of work in both the spaces. It seems there is a higher concentration of works in the Soft Touch space, which gives a better atmosphere. I didn’t think there was enough at New Walk Gallery and but was satisfied once I’d seen the complete collection across the two venues. I think I would have liked it better if I’d started at Soft Touch and moved to New Walk Museum afterwards.”

“It’s great to see such highly conceptual work by young artists with a deep, but balanced, connection between aesthetic and meaning. I was really impressed by the reference points of the young artists. I thought they were really relevant and was pleased to see that they were current, contemporary artists.”

“It’s a very accomplished exhibition.”

“Great use of space with the right kind of atmosphere.”