GenART Family Drop-ins

Throughout March and April Quay Arts hosted a series of free family drop-ins and workshops for schools across the Island inspired by Generation ART: Young Artists on Tour. The family drop-ins were held in local libraries and venues across the Island by Island artists – Sandown and Ryde Library with Hannah George, Ventnor Exchange with Joanna Kori and Quay Arts with Ian Whitmore.

Overall 51 children and 34 adults attended the drop-ins and got involved with the activities. Generation ART has helped us encourage island families to engage and be inspired by visual arts, making children and adults get in touch with their creative side and enjoying it!

Felix, aged 5, said “It made me feel happy that I made something”.

I attended two of the drop-ins myself (Quay Arts & Ryde Library) and was able to talk to the families. Holding a family drop-in at Quay Arts was a great way to get families to go see the exhibition, as families were walking into the drop-in and Ian, the artist, explained that the activity is making a long animal inspired by the long cat in the exhibition; he would then suggest going upstairs to see the exhibition first to get an idea and feel inspired by all the children’s work.

Isabelle, aged 9, said “My favourite bit was the big sunflower because it reminded me of minecraft.”

Isabelle’s Mother said “It’s great to see something so different like that and to show children that they are all capable.”

At Ryde library I found that most families had not seen the exhibition, but it was a great way to encourage them to go see it as all the children were really enjoying the activity. The children were making more than one long animal and making it very hard for their parents to leave! No adults at Ryde were making or creating as at Quay Arts all the adults were keen to get stuck in too as well as the children, this may be due to seeing the exhibition first hand and feeling inspired themselves?

At the drop-ins I provided feedback forms left on the tables, on the feedback form I asked them to describe or draw how creating something made them feel at the drop-in, here is what was left:


“Entertained”    “Creative”   “Relaxed”   “Engaged”   “Free flowing”

“Comfortable”   “Calm”    “Happy & get the spirit of art”

“makes me feel happy and calm”