Walk with me until you are invisible

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  • Medium:

    Homemade paint pigment and film

  • Artist:

    Still from 'Walk with Me' by Billy ParkerBilly Parker

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    Billy Parker (17)

    Still from 'Walk with Me' by Billy Parker

    Billy created ‘Walk with me until you are invisible’ at home in Romford whilst attending the Brit School, Croydon.

    Gormley’s work ‘Field’ was a primary influence for my work.

    Field is a large congregation of hundreds of simple clay creatures. Being an ambiguous piece, there are multiple perspectives on the piece but personally I believe Gormley is challenging how simplicity in multiples can have a grand effect.

    My work relates to this theory, as my work challenges how simple objects or actions can be perspectively manipulated to create an unintended effect. Both the film installation and physical artwork represent the idea of multiples as the film describes the process of the repetition taking place and the physical artwork proves the altered effect.

    I think a common trend for all of the artists stated above is the ambiguity present in their work. I try to make all of my work ambiguous and keep the concept simple whilst creating my work to allow for freedom within process.

    I then like to look at my work as an audience member and create a concept with more complexity. This allows my work to become relateable with audience members. The ambiguous nature of my work also allows viewers to create their own personal relation and response with the work.

    (Billy Parker)

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    Billy Parker, artist

My work focuses on how presenting an object or action in multiples alters its meaning completely.

The idea originated when I chose to experiment repeating everyday actions. By walking in circles, I was repeating an unnecessary action. The process became meditative and allowed me to shut off my mind completely.

There are multiple artists that influence my work; some substantial ones being Antony Gormley, Rachel Whiteread and Bruce Nauman; all of whom invert the meaning of physical things to challenge the audience’s ideas.

(Billy Parker)