Under the Sea

Under the Sea by Lauren Crulley
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    Generation ART exhibitor Lauren CrulleyLauren Crulley

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    Lauren Crulley (17)

    Generation ART exhibitor Lauren Crulley

    Lauren created ‘Under the Sea’ for her Art & Design AS level while at Sacred Heart Catholic High School in Newcastle.

    The real challenge was in the size of the pot itself. I wanted to create a very big piece which would be a challenge, and to focus on certain areas more than others.

    (Lauren Crulley)

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  • Dimensions:

    220mm x 470mm x 220mm

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    Lauren Crulley, artist

I wanted to capture different elements associated with the seabed in the pot. I experimented with plants like seaweed and coral.

I was inspired by collecting pictures of the ocean floor, and by boats around areas where I live. I looked at aspects of boating such as ropes and life rings, and collected research from artists who looked at boats such as ceramicist Mark Smith.

I wanted to create a very big piece which would be a challenge.

(Lauren Crulley, artist)