The Cartwheel

Cartwheel by Conner Brett
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  • Artist:

    Generation ART exhibitor Conner BrettConner Brett

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    Conner Brett (7)

    Generation ART exhibitor Conner Brett

    Conner created ‘The Cartwheel’ whilst learning about Kandinsky in class at Herne Bay Primary School, Kent.


  • Dimensions:

    365mm x 280mm

  • Submitted by:

    Michelle Rogers (teacher)

My teacher told us about Kandinsky; that he loved colours and shapes.

My final piece looks nothing like my plan; it changed when water from my brush accidentally fell onto a blue line I had made. I watched the water and paint mingle and move, making its own path. I picked up my paper and moved it slowly round, liking the shape that was forming.

When I was happy with the blue line I stopped turning and continued to paint, until the final piece emerged.

(Conner Brett)

Connor Brett explaining his work, Cartwheels
Young Artist Connor Brett