Slow Twilight

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  • Medium:

    Film made on iPhone

  • Artist:

    Generation ART exhibitor Jules Stockwell, Turner ContemporaryJules Stockwell

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    Jules Stockwell (14)

    Generation ART exhibitor Jules Stockwell, Turner Contemporary

    Jules created ‘Slow Twilight’ at home in Brighton and on location on the Sussex coast, using his iPhone.

    In making this film I was hoping to give out a feeling of ambiguity, disconcerting incomprehensibility and an abstracted bleak outlook on life and where it ends. The location I was at at the time reminded me of these elements

    (Jules Stockwell)

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  • Submitted by:

    Jules Stockwell, film maker

Ever since I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey I‘ve been a great admirer of Stanley Kubrick. He has a needle-sharp eye for perfection and seemingly limitless use of what appears to be just a simple shot, but stores a million notions of what it really could mean.

My film is inspired by his directorial style; my method of honouring him.

In one shot for the first time I managed to shoot a lens-flare. It doesn’t seem like much, but I thought it was a satisfying achievement.

(Jules Stockwell)