Shimmer Sea Shells

Sea Shells by Amber Butler
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  • Artist:

    #IamGenART badgeAmber Butler

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    Amber Butler (8)

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    Amber created ‘Sea Shells’ at home in Sheerness, Kent,¬†inspired by the work of Deborah Pugh, a local artist.

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  • Dimensions:

    388mm x 308mm

  • Submitted by:

    Alex Butler, parent

This work was inspired by the work of Deborah Pugh, a local artist, whose work showed moments in time.

Amber looked at shells to achieve the right colouring and chose both cool and warm colours for the shells and shadowing.

Amber was excited to try new effects, and to consider how to make shadow and lines on the shell. It was challenging drawing seashells freehand so Amber used a light box to trace the shapes.

(Alex Butler, parent)