Self Portrait

Self portrait by Jody Goodfellow
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  • Medium:

    Oil on canvas

  • Artist:

    Generation ART exhibitor Jody GoodfellowJody Goodfellow

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    Jody Goodfellow (17)

    Generation ART exhibitor Jody Goodfellow

    Jody created ‘Self Portrait’ as part of her GCSE Art at Ratcliffe College, Leicester.

    During the production of making this piece, I executed a range of artist research from modern artists to more classical art. My theme was animals being disguised as humans, slowly forming into displaying the similarities between animals and mankind.

    Initially I looked into surrealism art featuring Sammy Slabbinck, who exhibits animals and humans through collages, which inspired me to take a surrealistic approach in my piece. During my journey, I visited the New Walk Museum in Leicester which has an exhibition on Ancient Egypt.

    From this, I researched Egyptian Gods, which helped me decide that my final piece would incorporate an animal head onto a human body, to display a divine representation. I then began to look at the idea of animals wearing human clothing and explored the work of Beatrix Potter, Yago Partal and Miguel Vallinas and took inspiration from how they matched the clothing to suit the Animal’s characteristics and posture.

    I then took my inspiration from these artistic representations and noted the importance of representing the creatures clothing as a symbol of their personality.

    Lastly, I found the work of Charlotte Caron, who truly inspired the making of this piece. I particularly took inspiration from how she uses a smudge of the animal head which I then delivered in my painting to represent the merge between animal nature and human life.

    I found her work incredibly stimulating and this motivated me to progress and tackle a self-portrait of myself, wearing a rabbit mask to create the illusion of a mixture between both beings, with the painting as the result.

    (Jody Goodfellow)

  • Age:


  • Dimensions:

    1000mm x 1000mm

  • Submitted by:

    Jody Goodfellow

I wanted this work to represent animals disguised as humans; to show similarities between humans and animals, and that we are equals.

My research included modern artists and classical art; from the surrealism of Sammy Slabbinck, to the exhibition on Ancient Egypt at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery.

I was particularly inspired by the work of Charlotte Caron; how she uses a smudge of the animal head. This helped me represent the merge between animal nature and human life.

(Jody Goodfellow, artist)