Polar Bear Treasure(d) Box

Treasure'd Box ceramic by Florence Mackley
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    Generation ART exhibitor Florence Macklay and PolarFlorence Mackley

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    Florence Mackley (8)

    Generation ART exhibitor Florence Macklay and Polar

    Florence created ‘Treasure’d Box’ whilst attending Arches Art Club, Peckham led by ceramicist Loraine Rutt. These are small group tuition sessions which take place in her professional ceramics studio. The Arches Studios are a series of independent studios, so students also see a range of other makers at work.

    Florence has fine observational skills which are reflected in her making. And ‘Polar’ is particularly special to her as can be seen in the Gallery.

    Florence was determined to make the polar bear as a standing figure. She solved the challenge of the odd shape of the interior and its stability by designing a base on which the bear stands, and separating the lid of the box along the natural lines of the bear’s shoulders.


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  • Dimensions:

    110mm x 250mm x 110mm

  • Submitted by:

    Loraine Rutt, artist / educator

The set project was to design a ‘Treasure Box’. Florence developed the idea of treasure, taking the theme ‘precious’ as her inspiration. She chose to focus on endangered species, and rather than use this theme to illustrate a box, made the theme the object of the box itself.
(Loraine Rutt, Arches Art Club)

Florrie’s Polar Bear Treasure(d) Box was inspired by her cuddly toy polar bear, Polar. Polar was a present from Florrie’s grandma for her 4th birthday, and ever since Polar and Florrie have been inseparable.

He accompanies us on all family holidays and outings.We have photos of him up the Eiffel Tower, lounging by swimming pools, at the seaside, at the top of Snowdon, and we even have a special photo of him viewing the treasure box at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate.

He has become even more treasured by Florrie since her grandma passed away two years ago. Consequently when Florrie was asked to create a piece inspired by something she treasured, Polar, her beloved bear, was the obvious choice.

(Tim Mackley, parent)