Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower

Haymarket Clock Tower by Rajal Chita
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  • Medium:

    Drypoint etch

  • Artist:

    Rajal Chita

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    Rajal Chita (16)

    Rajal Chita created ‘Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower’, a Leicester landmark, while doing Art & Design A level at Beauchamp College, Leicester.

  • Age:


  • Dimensions:

    608mm x 793mm

  • Submitted by:

    Rajal Chita, artist

My aim for this work was to help people discover the memorial building and its architectural detailing.

I was influenced by two artists: Chetan Kumar, who inspired the different coloured backgrounds, and Stephan Wiltshire who led me to do fine detailing with black ink.

One challenge I faced was when etching my plates. I had to etch some of them twice as I had not etched them deep enough the first time, so the print would not come out dark enough.

(Rajal Chita, artist)