Fish by Lacey Wagstaffe
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  • Medium:

    Clay and paint

  • Artist:

    Lacey Wagstaffe

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    Lacey Wagstaffe (10)

    Lacey created ‘Fish’ whilst in Class 5 at Aston Fence Junior School, Rotherham.

    The artwork was created as part of a cross-curricular project on the topic of water, and was made in particular response to a class visit to Cromford Canal, Derbyshire.


  • Age:


  • Dimensions:

    246mmm x 132mm

  • Submitted by:

    Susan Hogg, teacher

Lacey visited Cromford Canal, Derbyshire, with Class 5 as part of their topic on water.

The class created artworks in response to the canal and the local river, and the wildlife they contain, and they all took great pride in their work.

Lacey’s fish is created in air-dried clay, inspired by the clay of the river bank.

(Susan Hogg, teacher)