Bubbles by Lola Pilkington
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    Generation ART exhibitor Lola PilkingtonLola Pilkington

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    Lola Pilkington (12)

    Generation ART exhibitor Lola Pilkington

    Lola created ‘Bubbles’ while attending Heathmount School, Hertfordshire, in response to┬áthe theme ‘Waterworld’.




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  • Dimensions:

    1200mm x 1200mm

  • Submitted by:

    Amanda Hay (teacher)

Lola worked from the theme ‘Waterworld’, and was drawn by the colours, movement and distortion in water created by dissolving bath bombs. She explored this, and the temporary nature of bubbles, through ceramics, video and ultimately a large painting.

Much of her research was done using her phone, and through drawing and experimental ceramic glazing with glass.

Lola visited and was inspired by the National Gallery’s Maggie Hambling show, but equally by looking at Monet, Barbara Hepworth and Dorothy Cross (Sea Cave), at Turner Contemporary and the Kerlin Gallery.

(Amanda Hay, teacher)