Abstract Environment

Abstract Environment by Bayleigh Lawton
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  • Medium:

    Painting, drawing, collage

  • Artist:

    Bayleigh Lawton

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    Bayleigh Lawton (11)

    Bayleigh created this work within his art lessons within Battyeford CE Primary School with his art teacher Mrs Natalie Deane.

    Using up to 5 abstracted shapes within an A4 sheet, the young artist was encouraged to look for patterns that interest them from Hockney’s artworks.

    These were transferred on to the abstract pattern imagined by the young artist, who has experimented independently with a range of materials to create their own relief sculpted environment.

    The main challenge the young artist faced was in creating links between the base imagery and the formed 3D/relief shapes, co-coordinating or contrasting the mark making around the shapes to enhance the ‘environment/landscape’.

  • Age:


  • Dimensions:

    500mm x 380mm

  • Submitted by:

    Natalie Deane / teacher

Inspired by the landscapes and seascapes that David Hockney produced during the 1980s, Bayleigh has created his own abstracted relief landscape developing ideas from sketchbook stage to relief sculpture. Bayleigh has used paper and card, oil pastels, inks, pastels, marker pens and a glue gun.
This work was done in school lessons. Bayleigh has also been encouraged to find out about Hockney’s iPad works currently on show in Saltaire at Salts Mill.
(Natalie Deane/ teacher)