Feeling Stones -04/03

Soft Touch held a second session with a group of special needs young people from Leicester College. The session was focused around the Feeling Stones and the groups’ response to these artworks. All of the young people were really interested in the exhibition and spent time looking at all of the artworks across both sites. They were really entertained by Sian Taylor’s ‘Conversation Booth’ and created artworks and responses on the tags within the booth. A couple of people in the group were enthusiastic to start creating work so asked to use the colouring pens and paper before the session began.

Once the session started, the group were all really engaged and enjoyed using the clay in a highly tactile way. Although some of them chose to wear gloves, they were not hesitant in handling the clay and experimenting with different ways of shaping it. They needed some prompting and assistance with stamping letters onto their shapes but could do this themselves and took pride in their own artworks. Some asked for photos to be taken at the end and most of the young people created more than one Feeling Stone with different lettering and formations.