Q & As with creatives

There are many different ways to work in the arts besides being an ‘artist’. We ask some of the Generation ART creative team about how they came to do what they do.

  • Jo Plimmer, Generation ART coordinator

    Project Coordinator

    “It’s OK not to be single minded. It equips you for jumping between lots of worlds.”

  • Interview with Generation ART exhibitor Orin Ashworth Gardiner

    Press and Marketing Consultant

    “I love the range of interesting people and projects I work on, but sometimes it is challenging to be outside of the organisation you are working for; it can be lonely working as a freelancer”.

  • Jane Moorhouse, Generation ART photographer


    “What one piece of advice would I give my younger self? Get on with it!”

  • Lisa Jacques at her desk

    Museums Learning Officer

    “Be confident and be sure of who you are; all of the flaws, and all of the good things. Make every experience a learning experience; we are all still learning every day”.

  • Camera avatar for Julian Lister, Axisweb film maker

    Media Producer

    “The editing process is the most challenging; having to sort through all of the footage and piece it together so it all makes sense. It’s also the most rewarding when you see it all come together”.

  • Workshop image for Andrew Shedden, Technical Manager, Turner Contemporary

    Gallery and Technical Manager

    “The thing I love about my job is also the thing that makes it so challenging. And so rewarding when you succeed.”

  • Jeremy Routledge, Director of Calling the Shots

    Filmmaker / educator

    “What do I find most challenging? Sometimes it’s hard to get into a purely creative space, oh, and networking. That’s tough too”.

  • Emma Lanman / Van Girls ©NinaSologubenko

    Director / Van Girls

    “I don’t come from an entrepreneurial family at all and it never really crossed my mind to start my own business. I was focussed on going to university and starting a career in the arts”.

  • Kamina Walton

    Creative evaluator

    “I love my work because it’s varied so I never get bored; it’s challenging so keeps me on my toes and offers loads of opportunities for learning. I am my own boss so no one else can tell me what to do.”

  • Generation ART commissioned artist Lisa Traxler


    “My career in the fashion industry laid down a sound basis for time management, interaction with people and a very strong work ethic.”