Lisa Traxler

Lisa Traxler

Generation art venue

Quay Arts, Isle of Wight

Little boy with 'Cloud Collecting' installation

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Quay Arts commissioned visual artist Lisa Traxler to create a new installation responding to the Generation ART touring show. Where normally the work of the ‘professional’, adult artist is shown in the main gallery at Quay Arts, and education and young people’s responses are shown in the Curve Gallery alongside, for Generation ART the Quay Arts team decided to reverse this.

Lisa’s beautiful exhibition Cloud Collecting was an installation of printed paper and machined stitching, connected by restraints of thread within the Curve Gallery. Partly born out the impossibility of seeing the work in actuality before it arrived on the Island, Lisa became enthralled by the online presence;

the pure joy and pride articulated by the young artists involved within the streams of Facebook and Twitter.

Rather than being participatory, the installation emerged from, and was informed by the text and language of social media conversations alongside previous showings of the exhibition in Margate and Leicester. 

The title itself, ‘Cloud Collecting’, denotes computer language, sharing resources and data to achieve coherence.

These response and themes were collected by the artist and then, in an aleatory, literary technique, dissected and further re-created into the seamed-together paper ‘thought clouds’.

Visitors of all ages were also invited to add their own de-constructed words to an interactive poetry wall within the gallery.

This touring exhibition had a great narrative to it. I was particularly pleased to be responding to work and words from young artists, and then to have a wide audience range respond to the interactive poetry wall installed in my ‘Cloud Collecting’ space.

The poetry wall gave a further layer to the project and harnessed the written word alongside all the visual impact.