Generation ART has piloted an approach of training young people to be evaluators for the venues and arts organisations involved in the tour. Explore their blogs here.

  • Very very long colourful cat workshop artwork

    Soft Touch Workshop Space – 15-18/01

    A young person, visiting from Autism Outreach, said the work was “inspiring”, “interesting”, “relaxing” Work created by visitors in the workshop space at Soft Touch Arts  

    Posted by Carmel on January 19, 2016

  • Launch Feedback – 15/01

    “Space at Soft Touch sets work off well. It’s a more contemporary setting than New Walk with a bigger space for work.” “Gives a great opportunity for children.” “Fabulous” “Some works you can tell have been made by children but for the majority it’s hard to differentiate between adult exhibitions.” “There’s interesting stories in the […]

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