Generation ART has piloted an approach of training young people to be evaluators for the venues and arts organisations involved in the tour. Explore their blogs here.

  • Lisa Traxler: Cloud Collecting Exhibition

    Cloud Collecting was a commissioned installation by Lisa Traxler, the artwork was created in response to the GenArt exhibition, shown in The Curve Gallery. Lisa Traxler’s installation of printed paper and stitched thread, connected within The Curve Gallery by restraints of thread is informed by the text and language following social media about GenArt. Lisa Traxler […]

    Posted by Tayla Smith on June 1, 2016

  • Generation Art Opening at Quay Arts

    Photos taken by Jane Moorhouse.

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  • Interactive area in West Gallery

    A wall was left blank in the West Gallery, where the exhibition was taking place, for visitors to stick up their own drawing and get involved. A table was set up with crayons, pens and paper for visitors to sit down and draw something. This wasn’t planned, but after seeing the success of the interactive […]

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  • School Workshop (Yr 12 Students)

    The last workshop Linn held was with Year 12 students (16 – 17 years), unfortunately I didn’t make this workshop however this is what Linn had to say about the workshop: “It was a really productive session and we had a feedback session after.  They loved the opportunity to try dry point and use the […]

    Posted by Tayla Smith on May 17, 2016