Tayla Smith

Tayla Smith Is 20 years old and recently completed an apprenticeship programme in Creative and Cultural administration. Tayla is now the Media & Marketing Co-ordinator at Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight and is also Quay Arts’ Evaluation Champion for Generation ART: Young Artists on Tour.

  • Visitor Comments

    “Inspirational – I hope all the schools take an opportunity to visit.” “An exceptional exhibition. Well done to all the artists and thank you Quay Arts.” “A fascinating exhibition and some wonderful ideas. Keep going everyone!” “Wow! Some stunning artwork here and talent from our future generation artists. Well done to all.” “Most inspirational and […]

  • ‘Flight of Fancy’ St.Georges Response Exhibition opening & RedTIE Performance

    Here is a collection of photos taken by Jane Moorhouse at the Response Exhibition opening. At the opening, Theatre group RedTIE performed a piece of theatre in the West Gallery in response to Generation Art.

  • ‘Flight of Fancy’ St.Georges Response Exhibition

    Students from St George’s School worked with artists Ian Whitmore and Hannah George to create a collaborative artwork in response to the Generation Art Exhibition. The students were inspired by a number of artworks and came up with their own playful and unique response. We regularly work with St George’s school as they really enjoy […]

  • Interactive activity in Lisa Traxler’s ‘Cloud Collecting’ Exhibition

    Here are the ‘thought clouds’ made by visitors…

  • Lisa Traxler: Cloud Collecting Exhibition

    Cloud Collecting was a commissioned installation by Lisa Traxler, the artwork was created in response to the GenArt exhibition, shown in The Curve Gallery. Lisa Traxler’s installation of printed paper and stitched thread, connected within The Curve Gallery by restraints of thread is informed by the text and language following social media about GenArt. Lisa Traxler […]

  • Generation Art Opening at Quay Arts

    Photos taken by Jane Moorhouse.

  • Interactive area in West Gallery

    A wall was left blank in the West Gallery, where the exhibition was taking place, for visitors to stick up their own drawing and get involved. A table was set up with crayons, pens and paper for visitors to sit down and draw something. This wasn’t planned, but after seeing the success of the interactive […]

  • School Workshop (Yr 12 Students)

    The last workshop Linn held was with Year 12 students (16 – 17 years), unfortunately I didn’t make this workshop however this is what Linn had to say about the workshop: “It was a really productive session and we had a feedback session after.  They loved the opportunity to try dry point and use the […]

  • School workshop Video (yr 5)

    Here are all the inspirational messages & things they had learnt during the workshop…

  • School Workshop (Yr 5 Students)

    The next group of students Linn had in the lab were 9 – 10 years old. When they arrived they were all very chatty and excited to be on the trip. Looking around the exhibition the children had loads of opinions and questions about the art work. When the children were introduced to the lab […]

  • School Workshop (Yr 10 Students)

    Artist Linn O’Carroll created a lab (Green room, Quay Arts) so students could explore some of these techniques through skill sharing and experimentation. In the lab Linn ran printmaking workshops for Island schools to participate in. The workshops were inspired by the ‘Surfboard’ in the GenART exhibition. The first group of students Linn worked with […]

  • GenART Family Drop-ins

    Throughout March and April Quay Arts hosted a series of free family drop-ins and workshops for schools across the Island inspired by Generation ART: Young Artists on Tour. The family drop-ins were held in local libraries and venues across the Island by Island artists – Sandown and Ryde Library with Hannah George, Ventnor Exchange with Joanna […]