Carmel is currently a Youth Arts Assistant at Soft Touch Arts and is also the Evaluation Champion for Generation ART: Leicester (across New Walk Museum and Art Gallery and Soft Touch Arts). She has completed two years of a degree in Fine Art at the University of Leeds and continues to create artwork alongside her current internship.

  • Feeling Stones -04/03

    Soft Touch held a second session with a group of special needs young people from Leicester College. The session was focused around the Feeling Stones and the groups’ response to these artworks. All of the young people were really interested in the exhibition and spent time looking at all of the artworks across both sites. […]

  • Artist Commission – Conversation Booth

    As part of Sian’s commission, she created a ‘Conversation Booth’ to interact with young people who had visited the GenART exhibition. In return for chatting, people would be given a ‘gift’, usually a portrait, drawn by Sian. Sian wanted to involve the group of young people she had been working with in this part of […]

  • Artist Commission – Launch – 15/01

    The launch of the artist commission took place with Sian and the group of young people she had worked with to produce her artworks. After the first two sessions, in which the group had shared ideas and given Sian the inspiration she needed to make her sculptures, we split up and worked on individual smaller boxes. […]

  • Workshop – 17/02

    The second GenART workshop run at Soft Touch was with a group of children from an Adventure Playground in New Parks. The workshop followed the same structure as earlier in the week but with a different group of people. The participants were asked to look at the exhibition through viewfinders and extract parts of the […]

  • Workshop – 15/02

    Lauren and I devised a community-based workshop to be run with two different groups at Soft Touch; parents and children from New Parks estate in Leicester, and a group of children aged 8-13 from an Adventure Playground, also based in New Parks. The first group, the parents and children, were very mixed in age and […]

  • Feeling Stones Workshop 10/02

    A group of young people, who all have various learning disabilities, came from Leicester College to take part in a workshop organised by Soft Touch. The workshop involved studying the artworks ‘Feeling Stones’ in the GenART exhibition and having a look at the words that had been stamped on them. The group all enjoyed holding the […]

  • Soft Touch Workshop Space – 28/01-04/02

    Work created in response to the exhibition:

  • Artist Commission – 27/01

    Sian Watson ran her second session with the group of young people involved in her commissioned art installation. This week continued with Sian forming an understanding of each member of the group’s practice and interests and how they related to particular artworks. In the first session, most people in the group seemed hesitant to share […]

  • Soft Touch Workshop Space – 19-27/01

    Work created in response to the exhibition:

  • Importance of Young People’s Art

    Sticky note responses from GenART exhibition visitors:

  • Words to describe the GenART exhibition

    When asked to give 3 words to describe the GenART exhibition, these are some of the responses visitors gave;  “Humbling”           “Interesting”             “Moving”          “Reassuring”            “Nice” “Beautiful”      “Innovative”      “Inspiring”         […]

  • Cafe -21/01

    During the exhibition period, Soft Touch Arts will continue to run the ‘pop-up café’ alongside other on-going projects. The café is to be set up every Thursday in the same space as the exhibition, which has the potential to bring in different kinds of audiences and attract greater numbers of people. The first week of […]

  • Artist Commission – 20/01

    Sian Watson, the artist commissioned to create an art installation for The GenART exhibition, ran her first session with a group of young artists involved with Soft Touch Arts. The group was comprised of six young people, myself included, who were asked to share their own influences and interests in art. Sian’s practice is based […]

  • Visitor Feedback – 19/01

    A group of people visiting the exhibition, with various forms of physical and learning disabilities, interacted and engaged with the visual and auditory forms of artwork. A carer visiting with group said; “the exhibition is very accessible because it’s not just visual arts but made up of sensory pieces. Audiences with disabilities, who usually struggle to […]

  • New Walk Workshop Space – 15-18/01

    Work created by people in response to the GenArt exhibition;  

  • Very very long colourful cat workshop artwork

    Soft Touch Workshop Space – 15-18/01

    A young person, visiting from Autism Outreach, said the work was “inspiring”, “interesting”, “relaxing” Work created by visitors in the workshop space at Soft Touch Arts  

  • Launch Feedback – 15/01

    “Space at Soft Touch sets work off well. It’s a more contemporary setting than New Walk with a bigger space for work.” “Gives a great opportunity for children.” “Fabulous” “Some works you can tell have been made by children but for the majority it’s hard to differentiate between adult exhibitions.” “There’s interesting stories in the […]