Florence Mackley (8)


Polar Bear Treasure(d) BoxPolar Bear Treasure(d) Box

Generation ART exhibitor Florence Macklay and Polar

Florence created ‘Treasure’d Box’ whilst attending Arches Art Club, Peckham led by ceramicistĀ Loraine Rutt. These are small group tuition sessions which take place inĀ her professional ceramics studio. The Arches Studios are a series of independent studios, so students also see a range of other makers at work.

Florence has fine observational skills which are reflected in her making. And ‘Polar’ is particularly special to her as can be seen in the Gallery.

Florence was determined to make the polar bear as a standing figure. She solved the challenge of the odd shape of the interior and its stability by designing a base on which the bear stands, and separating the lid of the box along the natural lines of the bear’s shoulders.