Catarina Rodrigues (18)


A Cover OverA Cover Over

Generation ART exhibitor Catarina Rodrigues, Turner Contemporary

Catarina created her series of photographs ‘A Cover Over’ at home, whilst attending Circuit Cambridge; part of the national Circuit programme run by the Tate Gallery and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Circuit Cambridge is a group of 15-25 year olds who experiment with different ways of experiencing and making art, through organising and running creative events for other young people.

The group links particularly with Kettles Yard and Wysing Arts Centre, on projects including live music, performances, workshops, exhibitions.

Catarina’s photographs are based on her personal experience of her grandfather’s illness.

With this artwork I aimed to capture a person‘s acceptance of an illness or condition, and afterwards his reconciliation with the environment that surrounded him.

As it was my grandfather who I photographed, there were difficult times where I could feel how hopeless he was and it was hard for me to try to capture it. In the end I felt that this was very therapeutic for both of us; we faced the darkness together.

(Catarina Rodrigues)