Cameron Cliff (18)


Holes Inside Your HeadHoles Inside Your Head

Generation ART exhibitor Cameron Cliff

‘Holes inside your Head’ is the first of around twelve artworks created by¬†Cameron for his¬†first solo exhibition at The Granary, Washington Arts Centre, Sunderland.

I work on my parents’ kitchen table, and it’s tough to make art when there is so much going on around you. It is also very expensive to frame works of art.

Cameron lives in Sunderland, and his art is not currently created as a part of any formal art & design studies.

I am not inspired by any individual artists but the Tate Modern is an inspiration. My parents applied successfully to The Community Foundation for a grant when I was 13, and Tate Britain and Tate Modern were two of the places we visited.

It was the first time I saw artists working with total freedom – working instinctively.

(Cameron Cliff)