Why is art important?

Gallery and education experts involved in Generation ART explain why they think art education and creative opportunities are essential for young people.

  • Young girl thinking in Kate Owen's workshop, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

    Why young children should make art – and how to encourage them

    “With all the different forms of visual communication we have in the world today it is essential that children develop the artistic skills to make and understand visual ‘messages.” Dr Emese Hall, University of Exeter Graduate School of Education

  • Generation ART family workshop, Turner Contemporary

    Turner Contemporary: We are curious

    “The importance of ‘learning to learn’ and ‘building learning power’ (Claxton) is fundamental to developing creativity.” Karen Eslea, Head of Learning and Visitor Experience, Turner Contemporary, Margate

  • Jane Sillis, engage interview at Turner Contemporary

    The organiser’s view

    “For the UK’s creative sector to thrive, it is critical that a diversity of young people know about the potential to study and work within this vibrant industry and are supported to do so.” Jane Sillis, Director of engage, the National Association for Gallery Education

  • cloud collecting quay arts

    Learning from art

    “Art links the inner world of memory and imagination with the outer world of experience. ” Eileen Adams, Art Consultant

  • Artists Hannah George and Ian Whitmore working on 'Flight of Fancy' at Quay Arts

    Creating and connecting: Generation ART & NSEAD

    “We believe art, craft and design education is vital to our communities, our society, our economy and ourselves.” Sophie Leach, General Secretary of the National Society for Education in Art and Design

  • Emma Lanman / Van Girls ©NinaSologubenko

    Art, craft and design education: The value of exhibiting and visiting

    Unrestricted by language barriers, young artists, from an early age, are able to share their ideas, feelings and experiences using what might be their most fluent form of communication. Ian Middleton, Formerly Her Majesty’s Inspector, Ofsted

  • Generation ART on Margate sands

    Art beyond school

    “Art educators will need to recognise the need to work with, rather than against, the political grain if the subject is to be sustained as a force for good in the lives of children and the world they will inhabit.” Dan China, Former Senior Advisor in Buckinghamshire LEA

  • A personal journey in art education: passions and reflection

    “In today’s educational landscape it is sometimes easy to forget that the richness of human experience is made up of more than the ability to attain particular grades in English and maths.” Dr Peter Gregory FRSA FCollT NLG, Principal Lecturer in Education (Creative Arts) President-Elect National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD)