About the project


Young exhibitor Conner Brett explaining his artwork
Conner Brett explains how he created ‘Cartwheel’

When you see things like Generation ART showing the diversity of work that is possible in schools, as well as at home, for children and young people, we really have to keep trumpeting, and fighting our corner. Generation ART is a really good example and shows what can be achieved.

(Sophie Leach, Assistant General Secretary & AD Editor, National Society for Education in Art & Design)

The aim of Generation ART is to involve children and young people in a high quality exhibition at every stage; not only as the exhibiting artists, but also as selectors, curators, educators, creative participants and evaluators.

Through the Generation ART Exhibition and Creative Programme taking place at the different venues, we also aim to raise the expectations and aspirations of schools, teachers and the wider community about the quality and value of young people’s creativity.

The exhibition

The Generation ART touring exhibition was selected by a panel of people including venue representatives, artists, educators and young people, after an England-wide call for submissions in March 2015.

The chosen artworks (paintings, ceramics, mixed media, film) include artworks created in schools, galleries, museums, hospitals and at home, by children and young people aged 5 to 18, from a diversity of places and backgrounds.

Some exhibits are created by groups, led and inspired by artists, teachers and gallery educators, while others are by independent young artists. Their inspiration ranges from looking at art to working with professional artists, and responding to the people and places around them, from boat hulls on the Tyne to the chalk cliffs of Sussex.

Beginning at Turner Contemporary, Margate, the Generation ART tour includes New Walk Museum and Art Gallery and Soft Touch Arts in collaboration with The Spark Arts for Children, Leicester, and Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight.

The creative programme

The Generation ART exhibition is also the inspiration for a vibrant programme of artist commissions and participatory opportunities for children, young people, their families and their educators developed by the different tour venues. These are particularly in areas of high deprivation, or low cultural engagement and/or which are isolated.

Usually young people are given the chance to create work in response to professional artists exhibiting in the gallery. For Generation ART we are turning this around, with established artists delivering commissions, workshop activities which are inspired by the art of children and young people.

Exhibition Tour Schedule

Generation ART: Young Artists on Tour is supported by Arts Council England’s Strategic touring programme, the Garfield Weston Foundation and the Helen Jean Cope Charity.

Generation ART is run by engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, working in partnership with Turner Contemporary, Margate, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery and Soft Touch Arts, Leicester, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight, The Spark Arts for Children, The Mighty Creatives, Artswork, the Contemporary Visual Arts Network, the National Society for Education in Art and Design, the Art and Design Expert Subject Advisory Group and the Audience Agency.