10 qs

  • Generation ART exhibitor Orin Ashworth Gardiner, Leicester

    Orin Ashworth-Gardiner

    Orin on colouring and colouring, and creating ‘Very, Very, Long Colourful Cats’.

  • Generation ART exhibitors Mellor School, at New Walk Museum

    Mellor Community School (Yrs 3,4,5 and 6)

    “The more times you practice, the more times you get more ideas”.
    Mellor Community School pupils on taking inspiration from Beethoven.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Max Snudden, Turner Contemporary

    Max Snudden

    Max on seeing your own work in a ‘nice, famous gallery’ (Turner Contemporary).

  • Generation ART exhibitor Lola Pilkington

    Lola Pilkington

    Lola on finding inspiration in unlikely places, and the processes she used to make ‘Bubbles’.

  • Hands by Lauren Lloyd

    Lauren Lloyd

    Lauren on inspiration for ‘Hands’ and the experience of going from Room 13 at school to Spike Island Studios, Bristol.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Lauren Crulley

    Lauren Crulley

    “I love how expressful it can be. Just really, you can play with the clay to what you want to express”. Lauren on creating the ceramic ‘Under the Sea’.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Jules Stockwell, Turner Contemporary

    Jules Stockwell

    Jules explains how Stanley Kubrick inspired him to make ‘Slow Twilight’ on his phone.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Jody Goodfellow

    Jody Goodfellow

    Jody Goodfellow talks about creativity, maths and art, and the impact of being involved in Generation ART.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Fenna Tubb

    Fenna Tubb

    Fenna on ‘Rice Fields’, and the importance of being experimental.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Conner Brett

    Conner Brett

    Conner explains how Kandinsky inspired his painting ‘The Cartwheel’.