• Still from 'Walk with Me' by Billy Parker

    Billy Parker

    Billy created ‘Walk with me until you are invisible’ at home in Romford whilst attending the Brit School, Croydon.

  • Generation ART exhibitors, Lincolnshire One

    Lincolnshire One with Usher Young Creatives and University of Lincoln’s National Art & Design Saturday Club

    The main aim of #Sheepselfie was to encourage two young groups of artists, Usher Young Creatives (UYC) and University of Lincoln’s National Art & Design Saturday Club (NADSC), to collaborate.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Jules Stockwell, Turner Contemporary

    Jules Stockwell

    Jules created ‘Slow Twilight’ at home in Brighton and on location on the Sussex coast, using his iPhone.

  • Generation ART exhibitors Mellor School, at New Walk Museum

    Mellor Community Primary School, Leicester

    Beethoven – The Storm is an animation created by forty one pupils from Mellor Community Primary School, Leicester.

  • Generation ART exhibitor William Morris

    William Morris

    William created ‘Fernando’ at a free afternoon for young creatives at Ventnor Exchange, Isle of Wight.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Lauren Crulley

    Lauren Crulley

    Lauren created ‘Under the Sea’ for her Art & Design AS level while at Sacred Heart Catholic High School in Newcastle.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Lauren Lloyd from Room 13, Hareclive

    Lauren Lloyd

    Lauren was part of a small group of young artists who worked on a 5 month residency at Spike Island studios.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Esther Lovell

    Esther Lovell

    Esther created ‘Three Cocoons’ whilst studying A level Art & Design at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth 1 College, Leicester.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Stanley Bloxidge at Turner Contemporary

    Stanley Bloxidge

    Stanley created ‘Dad’ whilst attending Arches Art Club, Peckham led by ceramicist Loraine Rutt. These are small group tuition sessions which take place in her professional ceramics studio. The Arches Studios are a series of independent studios, so students also see a range of other makers at work, including ceramicist Jane Muir and sculptor Joss Smith. For this project […]

  • Generation ART exhibitor Florence Macklay and Polar

    Florence Mackley

    Florence created ‘Treasure’d Box’ whilst attending Arches Art Club, Peckham led by ceramicist Loraine Rutt.

  • Generation ART artist, Bradley Perry French, Turner Contemporary

    Bradley Perry French

    Bradley made ‘Death Mask’ at Herne Bay Junior School, Thanet.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Catarina Rodrigues, Turner Contemporary

    Catarina Rodrigues

    Catarina created her series of photographs ‘A Cover Over’ at home, whilst attending Circuit Cambridge.

  • I come from a place by The North Cambridge Girls Group: Chelsea Pead

    The North Cambridge Girls Group: Chelsea Pead

    ‘I Come From a Place’ is one of a series of photographs created by The North Cambridge Girls Group.

  • Looking into the Family Album by Brighton and Portslade Aldridge Community Academies

    Brighton and Portslade Aldridge Community Academies: Lola-Mia Gurr, Drew Hadlow-Norbury, Ellie Golby, Vanessa Evans, Chelsie Henley

    ‘Looking into the Family Album’ started with a research trip to the Jerwood Space in London, with students from years 10 & 11 from Brighton and Portslade Aldridge Community Academies.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Jody Goodfellow

    Jody Goodfellow

    Jody created ‘Self Portrait’ as part of her GCSE Art at Ratcliffe College, Leicester.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Cameron Cliff

    Cameron Cliff

    ‘Holes inside your Head’ is the first of around twelve artworks created by Cameron for his first solo exhibition in Sunderland.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Orin Ashworth Gardiner, Leicester

    Orin Ashworth-Gardiner

    Orin created ‘The Very Very Long Colourful Cat’ at home in Leicester.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Max Snudden, Turner Contemporary

    Max Snudden

    Max lives on the Isle of Wight, and created ‘Self Portrait’ at home, in response to the school topic of Matisse and the Fauves.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Lola Pilkington

    Lola Pilkington

    Lola created ‘Bubbles’ while attending Heathmount School, Hertfordshire, in response to the theme ‘Waterworld’.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Conner Brett

    Conner Brett

    Conner created ‘The Cartwheel’ whilst learning about Kandinsky in class at Herne Bay Primary School, Kent.

  • GillyMac Designs Senior Sewing Group with their Sunflower Quilt

    GillyMac Designs Senior Sewing Group: Beth Austin, Maddy Sparks, Francesca Laursen, Sophie Pierce and Freya Ramsey

    Sunflower Magic Quilt was made by a group of girls (all 12/13 years old at the time) attending an after school club run by textile artist Gilly Towell.

  • Generation ART exhibitor Fenna Tubb

    Fenna Tubb

    Fenna created ‘Rice Fields’ whilst attending Heathmount School, Hertfordshire.